Social events and festivals are part of human society and culture regardless of one’s belief. It is part of human psyche to celebrate something, without which human life becomes a dull affair. Festivals give humans a chance to forget one’s burdens & worries and cooperate with others to enjoy a common theme

Persian Social Gatherings and Cultural Programs, organised by Iranian Community are held around the year. Program of the gatherings are vary from event to event and include cultural programs such as national day celebrations, poetry nights, movies, traditional music and sometime just a picnic or simple get together, so that everyone can satisfy her/his own preferences.

Everyone is invited to join us, take membership, become a member of ICWA volunteer’s team, participate in activities and take part in running programs and serving the community. Announcements and information on upcoming events could be found on Community Notice Board. Information and tickets for music, social and cultural programs, arts, theater and family events, are also available at IWA Events. You may also subscribe to our mailing list to receive emails regarding the events that ICWA holds.